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AGM 2019

The PPG held its Annual General Meeting on 11th November 2019 and a presentation was made by Dr Michael Evans on the future of the practice.   This is given below:

Presentation by Dr Michael Evans from Twyford Practice

Big changes are coming for primary care including reinvestment of some of money lost over last 5 years.  Twyford will work with other practices, Stokeswood, Bishops Waltham and Wickham and will be quite rural.  The idea of the clusters is to have units of around 50,000 patients and to try and reduce health inequalities.  The Twyford cluster would have the ability to take on new staff, partly as there are not enough trained doctors and nurses.  The Practice has already advertised for a pharmacist to work within the primary care network to help with medicine related issues. A Social prescriber and clinical pharmacist would be appointed.  Also the Practice would be able to take on first contact physiotherapist, a physician assistant, paramedic trained to work in primary care.  The idea could be that patients may be offered to see a physiotherapist rather than a doctor or nurse. 

Plans happened very quickly this spring.    The NHS are reorganising the level above GPs including the overarching authority for hampshire.  Integrated care system around Hampshire.  Some stability as have 5 year plan with some guarantee that targets will not change in that time.  Charged with working in a more integrated way with other partners, eg. district nursing team, voluntary sector etc   redesign of cancer networks, emergency departments etc also involve GPs.  Dr Evans is trying to work with our localities in Andover and Winchester.  He is clinical director of new entity of 4 surgeries and had very successful meeting with District Nursing organisation and hopes to bring co-operation nearer.  

Looking to start a social prescriber to help people navigate through system. When Nuffield Trust looked at problems in community a lot had social and community aspects and not just GP.  Attempt to try and network with others in the community.   Project run in Wickham surgery by Solent Mind, looking at putting mental health workers into surgeries to try and reduce A&E and other hospital departments. 

Got to work out how best to use the new staff.  Budget around £70,000 – could be £1.5m in 5 years but the NHS would look to the practice to fund some of that.  Training will make staff more effective but salaries will be more costly as they become trained.