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(PPGT) and affiliated to the National Association of Patient Participation Group (NAPP).

MEMBERSHIP shall be open and free to all those registered as patients of the Practice,  their families, carers, and staff of the Practice.


 To be a conduit between the Practice, Clinical Commissioning Group and other Health Providers and patients about  general and specific issues  relating to the provision of healthcare locally.


  • Communication and Community Needs.  The PPGT shall have a role in eliciting community needs in helping the development of local health and social care, of which Twyford Practice is a key provider.
  • Education.  To create opportunities for service users to hear about and discuss subjects of interest relating to health education, prevention of disease and management of chronic conditions.
  • Patient Feedback.  To receive patient’s comments and suggestions, via Patients Reference Group and other feedback sources  about any aspect relating to the practice and local health and social care providers.
  • Fundraising  PPGT has the option to explore income opportunities.
  • Wider Health  To monitor the plans of NHS and other health and social care organisations and lobby for services where appropriate to the needs of service users of the Twyford Practice.


Committee members shall, with their agreement, be formally nominated, seconded and elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee shall be made up of a maximum of fifteen members to include-

  • A representative of the Twyford Practice.
  • Local group representatives.
  • Up to six other committee members nominated and elected annually by the membership.
  • Each village within the catchment area should be represented.   Twyford, Owslebury, Morestead, Compton, Shawford, Otterbourne  and Colden Common. 
  • The Committee shall endeavour that no member will be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justified, particularly those on the grounds of ethnic origin or nationality, gender reassignment, disability, marital status, age, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs.

Officers  - to be proposed and seconded

  • The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected annually by members of the committee and each may hold office for a maximum of three years.
  • Secretary  shall be elected annually by members of the Committee
  • Treasurer shall be elected annually by members of the Committee and shall be providing annual accounts when appropriate.

    Powers of Committee

  • Bank account will be opened in the name of TPPG.
  • The Committee may appoint sub groups, may co-opt, as appropriate, people for specific actions.
  • A quorum shall be one third of the committee, to include an officer.
  • The Committee will accept delegated authority from the Chairman for specific actions.
  • The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

           Procedures of the Committee

  • A minimum of five meetings a year shall be held, at a time and place to be agreed.
  • The secretary will notify members of meetings, giving at least two weeks’ notice.
  • The secretary will arrange a suitable venue for meetings.
  • Minutes of meetings shall be displayed on the notice boards, in the Surgeries and where possible on village websites.
  • Matters will be  decided by the majority of members present voting; the Chairman has the casting vote.
  • In the absence of the Chairman or Vice Chairman at a meeting, the quorate group  (one third of the committee members present) shall determine who chairs.
  • Create and maintain effective communication with patients.
  • Minutes of Committee meetings to be signed as  a true record of that meeting, by the Chairman of the following committee meeting.
  • Voting to be done by a show of hands, and all proposals to be seconded.


  • An AGM shall be held at such time and at a place as the Committee will determine which should be within 15 months of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  • At least 21 days notice will be given by all available means.
  • The business will include the election of members to serve on the committee. 
  • Any item for the Agenda to be sent to the secretary up to seven days before the AG M date. 
  • Agenda to include a session open to all members.
  • An annual programme for the following year will be set.


The Committee shall present at each AGM a report of the activities of the PPGT in the previous year and an annual statement of account.


To hold and maintain a bank account in the name of the Patient Participation Group of the Twyford Practice, responsibility of which to be with the Treasurer.

All monies received to be paid into the bank account.

All cheques to  require signatures of at least two officers  of the Committee. From the three nominated account signatories, or according to appropriate Bank Mandates.    

All funds to be used exclusively for furthering the objectives of the TPPG.

Annual Associate Membership fees to NAPPF to be paid by the Twyford  Practice.


At a general meeting, if a resolution is passed calling for its dissolution, an extraordinary general meeting shall  be called to dissolve the PPGT and settle any liabilities and dispose of any assets.

Such assets shall be transferred to other local groups with similar objectives. 


Any  part of this Constitution  may be rescinded or amended or waived by a resolution passed by 70% majority of members present at an AGM or a special general meeting, of which appropriate notice will be given.


Any member of the PPGT shall, upon request, be supplied with a copy of this Constitution.