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Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance helps with extra costs if you have a disability severe enough that you need someone to help look after you.

You do not need to have someone caring for you already in order to claim.

You could be eligible if you…

  • Are aged 65 or over.
  • Have a disability or illness.
  • Need help with personal care, such as getting washed, or supervision to keep safe.
  • Have needed this help for 6 months (unless diagnosed with a terminal illness, in which case, you can claim straight away).

Did you know?

  • There are two different rates:(rates for April 2019 - March 2020)

               £58.70 per week if you need help in the day

               £87.65 per week if you need help in the day and at night.

  • It is not means tested, it is tax free and it won’t reduce any other income received.
  • It may entitle you to other benefits such as pension credit, housing benefit or council tax support.
  • You are not obliged to spend the benefit on a carer or other care.You may wish to spend the money on other services that assist you in day to day living. To obtain a claim form, contact the Attendance Allowance helpline on: 0800 731 0122 / text phone: 080 731 0317. Find out more at  

Need help to apply?

  • Twyford Surgery have access to an experienced member of Age Concern Hampshire's Information Service who can provide a home visit to help you complete the form.   Contact the surgery to find out more
  • Age Concern Hampshire’s Information Service can check if you are likely to be eligible and provide a home visit to help with completing the application form. Call them on Freephone 0800 328 7154
  • The Department of Work and Pensions (0800 731 0122) or the Citizens Advice Bureau (03444 111 306) can also assist with form filling.